“Safety Not Guaranteed” – If you were a Time Traveler, what Watch would you Wear?

I recently watched the movie “Safety Not Guaranteed” and really enjoyed it.  It’s about time travel and believing in your dreams.

But one thing I kept wondering about was the wristwatch Kenneth was wearing.  I mean, if you’re a time traveler, then the type of timepiece you wear is a fairly significant decision, right?  Heck, they even feature him looking at his watch on the movie poster.

After looking closely at some frames I found from the movie, I figured it out.  He’s definitely wearing a Casio Men’s F105W-1A Illuminator Digital Watch.

A man solves the riddle of time travel and then decides to wear a $15 1980’s-style Casio watch as his critical timepiece.  I love it.

What would you wear?