Contextually Relevant Coolness: How to make Jibe and Unity3d automatically load new content on your webpage

One of the most useful features of a multiuser virtual world platform like Jibe is the fact that it can be accessed from a web browser.  Just click on a URL and you are instantly in a Jibe world.

But Jibe doesn’t just live on the web.  It also communicates with the web.

Let’s learn how to easily make Jibe cause new content to load on your webpage!

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How to create teleporter objects in Jibe and Unity3d

It’s fun to walk, run and fly around in a Jibe world.  Multiuser 3d virtual worlds like Jibe are at their best when you explore them.  You never know what you might discover over the virtual horizon.

If you want to give visitors in your Jibe world the ability to instantly “teleport” from one location to another, you can easily set that up too.  Today we’ll learn how to set up any object in your Jibe world so that, if you click on it, your avatar is instantly teleported from one place to another.

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How to make a door that automatically opens and closes in Unity3d and Jibe

Today we’ll learn how to build a door in your Jibe world that automatically opens when an avatar approaches and then closes when the avatar walks away.  We’ll also make the door play a nice sound as it opens and closes.

Fire up your Unity editor, open your Jibe project, and let’s get crackin.

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Building Things in Jibe and Unity3d if you’re a Newbie – Primitives and Model Packages

Jibe is a powerful platform for creating multiuser virtual worlds that can be deployed on the web.  And since Jibe uses the Unity3d development environment, you can easily pull in any 3d mesh model to use in your world.

But what if you want to build something in Jibe and you either can’t find the perfect preexisting mesh model or you don’t have the skills yet to create it from scratch with a 3d modeling program?

That’s where primitives and model packages can save the day!

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Building Immersion with Small Details – The Windmill

If you explore my Jibe world, you’ll find a windmill sitting on top of a hill.

I think it’s a nice example of how you can create an immersive scene in a virtual world by combining a few basic elements.

And it’s all about the small details.

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Authentic Animal Conversation #8: “Corn Kingdom”

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