A little bit about Olly

We have a new dog in our family. His name is Olly. Here’s a little bit about him.

He’s a rescue dog and was only a few weeks old when they found him in a cardboard box on the side of the road with 5 of his brothers and sisters. He was the runt of the litter and the only one with a stubby tail. Here’s how he looked when the rescue folks found him.

Scamp 02.jpg

He’s a bit more grown up now. Except for his tail. We think he’s a labrador/terrier mix.


He’s about 10 months old now and is completely in love with Samantha, our wiener dog.

sam and olly maine.jpg

When I work from home, he likes to sit next to me with Samantha.

Olly and Sam on floor.jpg

He likes to lie on his back and “let it all hang out.”


He likes to look out the window and watch the world with his friend Samantha.

Sam and Olly watch snow.jpg

He likes to eat peanut butter in the jar.

Olly and Samantha.jpg

He likes to eat sticks.


He also likes to drag rocks across the yard with his paws. Sometimes he talks to the rock.

He likes garden hoses.

He likes to play in the yard with Samantha. Even though he is very strong, he is careful when playing with her and (mostly) pretty gentle.

He is fascinated by nature. Especially birds. Especially a dead crow he found in the snow.


He is also fascinated by things like full Kleenex boxes, which he likes to “disassemble” while the rest of the family is out of the house and watching in horror on a webcam.

Olly vs Kleenex box

He tries to help out with many things, like putting together a new couch.

Olly and the Couch

He likes to be carried around like Samantha. Even though he’s a little too big for that.

Sam and Olly

That’s it for now. Bye Olly and Samantha!  We love you both very much.


sam and olly sleeping