How to create multiuser networked events in Jibe and Unity3d using iTween

In Jibe 2.0 we’ve included an easy system that gives you the power to use iTween to create multiuser networked events. This allows you create shared experiences between avatars using interactive and complex object animations.

Watch my tutorial to learn more!

Video: How to create multiuser networked events in Jibe and Unity3d using iTween

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How to make a door that automatically opens and closes in Unity3d and Jibe

Today we’ll learn how to build a door in your Jibe world that automatically opens when an avatar approaches and then closes when the avatar walks away.  We’ll also make the door play a nice sound as it opens and closes.

Fire up your Unity editor, open your Jibe project, and let’s get crackin.

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Click me!: How to make an object move and play a sound when you click on it in Jibe and Unity3d

I’ve been playing a lot of Portal 2 lately, and one of my favorite elements from the Portal series is the lovely Weighted Companion Cube.

Today we’ll explore how to create a Companion Cube in Jibe and Unity3d that will spin and speak to you when you click on it.

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