Avatars in the Boardroom – A Presentation at Tuck School of Business

I recently visited Tuck School of Business and gave a lecture on virtual worlds.

You can read all about it on the ReactionGrid blog.



On Leadership and Community: Wisdom from Lao-Tzu

Lately I’ve been thinking about leadership and communities.  And in particular, how the two are so delicately intertwined.

This beautiful passage from the Tao Te Ching has been on my mind a lot.

“Learn from the people

Plan with the people

Begin with what they have

Build on what they know

Of the best leaders

When the task is accomplished

The people will remark

We have done it ourselves.”

Authentic Animal Conversation #6: “Dibs”

“I can’t believe he’s actually doing it.”


“Shut up!  They’re going to hear us!”

“Just stay in the grass and be quiet, you morons.”

“I can’t see.  What’s he doing?  Did he make it to the table?

“This is insane.  I told you not to dare him.  This is stupid, stupid, stupid.”

“He’s a grown squirrel and can make his own decisions.”


“Oh for crying out loud, do you want to get him killed?”

“If Ricky doesn’t make it back, I call dibs on his nest.”


“Dibs! Dibs!”

“You guys suck, you know that?”

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Authentic Animal Conversation #5: “A Cat of Action”

“This seems like a really bad idea.”

“I’m not listening.  Look at my face.  This is my ‘I’m not listening’ face.”

“I’m serious, Steve.  I have a really bad feeling about this.”

“You’d rather be sitting in the snow?  I swear, all you do is complain and–”

“But Steve, I just mean–”

“‘Boohoo, my paws are frozen!  I can’t feel my toes!  Steve, help me I’m so cold!’  Your exact words just 10 freaking minutes ago, Ralph.  Am I right?”

“I know, but–”

“And I dealt with the situation, didn’t I?  I found a solution, right?  I took action.”

“I know you did, Steve.  It’s just–”

“I am a cat of action.  What have you done today besides complaining?  Anything, Ralph?”

“OK.  It’s just, well…  You realize we’re sitting on a dog, right?”

“It’s called a ‘calculated risk.’  Look it up.”

“Like that time you decided we should try sitting on the sleeping wolverine last winter?  Was that a ‘calculated risk?’  Because I still have calculated bite marks on my you-know-where from that swell idea.”

“If you don’t shut up, I’m going to give you a calculated slap in the face.”


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Virtual World Endgame: Collapsing the Metaphor

Mitch Wagner recently posted a piece on his blog titled “Why I hardly ever go on Second Life anymore.

I respect and value Mitch’s perspective a lot.  He’s been exploring virtual worlds for years, and it’s clear that he loves their potential.  But he’s frustrated by their lack of broad adoption and the multitude of barriers to entry for new users.

Those are sentiments shared by many.  But I have a slightly different perspective of the future.

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Short Story: Part 4: Camper

“Oh, you bastard!  Campers suck!”

“It’s a valid strategy!” screamed a voice from around the corner.

Those were the last words Jeff heard as red mist seeped into his vision.  Headshot.

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More strangeness on Pathlandia

Found on the region Pathlandia on jokaydiaGRID, right next to the other strange things.

Definitely has something to do with this.

Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

Communicating between Virtual Worlds – RADIONNE

Many people are exploring virtual worlds such as Second Life as well as the growing constellation of Opensim-based worlds.

Here’s a neat device that can help you communicate between them all.

It’s called RADIONNE.

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Hypergrid Adventurers Club meet #36+37: Visiting Help Island on ReactionGrid

The region Help Island on ReactionGrid is being developed by Tinsel Silvera.

It contains resources for new avatars including a freebie area, a Gallery of Prims for new builders, and Hypergates to various places to explore.

For today’s two meetings we visited Tinsel’s region and had a great discussion about best practices for helping new users in virtual worlds.

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Something is amiss on Pathlandia

Found on the region Pathlandia on jokaydiaGRID.


I suspect it has something to do with this.