“Safety Not Guaranteed” – If you were a Time Traveler, what Watch would you Wear?

I recently watched the movie “Safety Not Guaranteed” and really enjoyed it.  It’s about time travel and believing in your dreams.

But one thing I kept wondering about was the wristwatch Kenneth was wearing.  I mean, if you’re a time traveler, then the type of timepiece you wear is a fairly significant decision, right?  Heck, they even feature him looking at his watch on the movie poster.

After looking closely at some frames I found from the movie, I figured it out.  He’s definitely wearing a Casio Men’s F105W-1A Illuminator Digital Watch.

A man solves the riddle of time travel and then decides to wear a $15 1980’s-style Casio watch as his critical timepiece.  I love it.

What would you wear?


6 thoughts on ““Safety Not Guaranteed” – If you were a Time Traveler, what Watch would you Wear?

  1. I would use a pocket watch with a couple of covers, one of which opened on a conventional 19thC looking display (really AMOLED) and another which was a chronograph computer that calculated local time.

    Stylish, and practical.

  2. I’d wear my gold Hamilton Electric ,Ventura. Not only because the silver model was featured in the ‘Men in Black’ series, but because it really is a time travel piece for me. It has a Art Deco face like something out of the 20’s or 30’s, yet it was futuristic because watch designs where all rectangular or round before that. It also was the first battery operated watch in America, thus the Electric inclusion in the name. The rounded corner triangular face must have been seared into my mind.

    In a local magazine I’d carried onto an airpIane I saw an ad for the silver Hamilton Electric Ventura. I thought it was an interesting, innovative watch design and wished I’d visited the shop while in New Orleans. I stashed the mag and forgot about it. A year or more later, while traveling I came across another ad for the Ventura. My admiration of the watch was stronger this time. One day, I became sidetracked while replacing sunglasses, which I continue to lose on a regular basis. This store had a nice selection of watches and that started me into collecting watches. While packing a bag for a trip I found the old magazine from New Orleans still turned to the page with the Hamilton Electric. That was it I had to have this watch. After browsing a few jewelry stores in Los Angeles, There it was in all it’s glory. Except it was gold colored, not silver and black like in the ads. It was nice in gold, and the sales lady said they’d get some silver one soon. So I purchased it. When my brother came to town to visit one day, I couldn’t wait to show off my new watch. He looked at it and shrugged his shoulders and said something like, ‘Oh, that’s grand dads old watch that you used to get spanked for as a kid. It was in dad’s jewelry box and you’d play with it when our parents left the house for an evening out’ I’m transported back to my childhood days of jumping up and down on my parent’s bed, then opening the box of jewelry on the dresser evey time I wear my Hamilton Electric Ventura.

  3. I’m sure I read somewhere that people who buy that particular Casio model on Amazon are automatically placed on an FBI threat list, because someone once used one as a timer for a bomb. Of course that might just be the cover story for the secret government conspiracy to hide the truth about time-travelling…

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