How to make a door that automatically opens and closes in Unity3d and Jibe

Today we’ll learn how to build a door in your Jibe world that automatically opens when an avatar approaches and then closes when the avatar walks away.  We’ll also make the door play a nice sound as it opens and closes.

Fire up your Unity editor, open your Jibe project, and let’s get crackin.

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Anniversary Celebration of the 1939 New York World’s Fair in ReactionGrid

On April 30th 1939 (that’s 72 years ago!), over 200 thousand people gathered across an acre of land that only a couple years earlier was an ash dump.  Thanks to four years of hard work and planning, those people were able to get a glimpse of the future.

They were attending the opening of the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

Paul M. Van Dort has organized a celebration of the Opening of the World’s Fair in ReactionGrid.  This is the first time an event commemorating the Fair’s opening in a virtual world has ever been done.  While only a few of the pavilions have been constructed so far, this is an opportunity to see the Fair and to actually walk around and explore it.  Walk through the Trylon and Perisphere, view Democracity, and travel down the Helicline. Visit the New York City Building, the Belgium Pavilion, and Westinghouse Electric.

And keep in mind that what you’re seeing is a vision of the future from 72 years ago.  It’s pretty mindblowing to remember that fact.

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Jon Brouchoud’s Prefab Full Sims for Opensim

Jon Brouchoud is an insanely talented designer of 3d spaces.  His personal website has lots of information about his work, and Jon also runs a site all about Architecture and Design in Virtual Environments.

Here’s a blurb about Jon.

“As a freelance design consultant, Jon Brouchoud has created a variety of award winning designs, 3D experiences and serious game applications in Unity3D, Second Life and OpenSim.

Jon holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and draws from his architectural background to create design concepts for a wide range of client types – including education, healthcare, government, advertising, and private enterprise.”

Jon recently announced that he is selling some of his prefab full sims for Opensim at the discounted price of $60 USD.  Each full sim package is delivered as an Opensim OAR file, and Jon accepts Paypal.

If you’re looking for prefab virtual spaces with a clean design and stunning looks, you really should check these out.  Here are some examples.

Hypergrid Adventurers Club meet #16+17: The 1939 World’s Fair on ReactionGrid and Spanish Hypernaut LexGrey Barbosa’s new home on FrancoGrid

In today’s two meetings we explored a recreation of the 1939 New York World’s Fair on ReactionGrid, featuring the iconic Trylon and Perisphere.

We also took a trip to LexGrey Barbosa’s new region on FrancoGrid, which he hosts from an OpenSim server in his home.

Read on for a full transcript and many photos.

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