New addition to the family – Stella

We’ve just adopted Stella, a 4-month old little dachshund.


Stella at the shelter.

Look at those green peepers!

Look at those green peepers!

Stella comes from the Humane Society and Shelter – SouthCoast ( in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. My cousin Melinda runs the shelter, and Stella was brought in nearly dead from neglect. After a couple months of love and care from the amazing folks at the shelter, she made a full recovery. They do incredible work at the HSSSC, so if you’re looking to support a shelter that serves all of SouthCoast (Fall River, New Bedford, Dartmouth and more), there’s none better.


Ready for the trip from Dartmouth to Montreal.


Couch time. We bought her a new pink harness to match her pink leash.

We drove down to Dartmouth over the weekend and picked her up. She’s the sweetest little girl and is bonding very well with everyone.


Olly, Stella and Sam.

Sam keeps a close watch on the puppies.

Stella tries to figure out how a hose works.

And to Ligea at the HSSSC, thank you so much for taking care of her each day. I know it was a hard road to recovery for her, and I know you must be sad to see her leave. Please know that we will give her the best forever home we can give and that she will always be surrounded by people and other dogs that love her.


Olly and Stella are both puppies, so they share a special puppy bond.

Stella and Olly “fixing” a hose.


She likes to lie in the pine needles and chew sticks in our backyard.

They also love puppy play.

We love you Stella!


Stella sleeping on the ottoman next to my chair in my home office.

She also loves her new bed from her friends at Canine & Compagnie.


Sleepy puppy belly

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