Hypergrid Landmarks

Here’s a handy list of Hypergrid Landmarks that have been verified as functional by the Hypergrid Adventurers Club (HGAC).

As the HGAC explores more areas, this list will be updated and will grow.


What’s the Hypergrid?

For an overview, see OpenSimulator.org’s Hypergrid Wiki Page or Hypergrid: Architecture and Protocol for Virtual World Interoperability.  For a more technical overview for implementers and programmers, see The Hypergrid Reference Guide.

For a great summary of the history of the Hypergrid and how it is evolving, read “Towards HG 2.0” by Diva Canto (the inventor of the Hypergrid protocol).

How to make a Manual Hypergrid Jump in 4 easy steps

  1. Open your World Map in your viewer (I recommend the Singularity viewer).
  2. In the text box next to the Search button, enter the Hypergrid Address.
  3. Click the Search button and wait for the map to move to the destination region.
  4. Click the Teleport button.

A Suggestion before you Explore: I highly recommend you turn on Lightshare in your viewer when exploring the hypergrid.  This will allow you to see any customized sky settings when visiting other worlds.

Hypergrid Landmarks in Ascending Order
last updated 10/19/2013

Hypergrid Address: jokaydia.metaverseworlds.com:8002:Scooter
Landing Region: Scooter
Hypergrid Coordinates: (1000,1000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://jokaydiagrid.com

Hypergrid Address: akl.nzvwg.org:8002:Andelain
Landing Region: Andelain
Hypergrid Coordinates: (1007,1004)
Grid/Owner Website: http://nzvwg.org/
Notes:  Andelain on the New Zealand Virtual World Grid is a Science Fictional Sanctuary for virtual travelers from all worlds and eras. Anachronisms abound. Some of the items/people in this region have been built/modified by Johnnie Wendt, Johnnie Waugh or Dark Bohemian.  Many others, however, are the result of the collection of Full Perms, Freebie items from other grids, via Hyperjaunting.  See if you can find Gulliver Foyle’s Hypergate Travel and Research Facility.

Hypergrid Address: devda.ch:8002:campus1
Landing Region: campus1
Hypergrid Coordinates: (2000,2000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://devda.ch/

Hypergrid Address: http://www.buildweb.it:9000:Pandora
Landing Region: Pandora
Hypergrid Coordinates: (2010,2000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://www.buildweb.it:9000/wifi
Notes:  Also known as “Pandora Grid,” this Italian grid features a beautiful castle and cathedral surrounded by a medieval village.

Hypergrid Address: hg.hyperica.com:8022:Hyperica Lower
Landing Region: Hyperica Lower
Hypergrid Coordinates: (4025,4025)
Grid/Owner Website: Maria Korolov
Notes: One of 3 Hyperica hyperports (Lower, Central and Upper) that let you easily reach many destinations across the hypergrid.

Hypergrid Address: lummerland.rfc1437.de:8000:Lummerland 1
Landing Region: Lummerland 1
Hypergrid Coordinates: (4034,4018)
Grid/Owner Website: http://lummerland.rfc1437.de:8000/wifi/
Notes: Barney Boomslang‘s home grid.  Try following the anchor chain to a secret floating forest inside a giant ice flower in the sky.

Hypergrid Address: hg.osgrid.org:80:jump4000
Landing Region: jump4000
Hypergrid Coordinates: (4090,4090)
Grid/Owner Website: http://osgrid.org

Hypergrid Address: rockcliffe.metaverseworlds.com:8002:rockcliffe gateway
Landing Region: rockcliffe gateway
Hypergrid Coordinates: (4300,4300)
Grid/Owner Website: http://www.urockcliffe.com/
Notes: Rockcliffe University Consortium’s home on the Hypergrid.

Hypergrid Address: carpathes-grid.servegame.com:8002:carpathes1
Landing Region: carpathes1
Hypergrid Coordinates: (4470,4470)
Grid/Owner Website: http://carpathes-grid.servegame.com:8002/wifi
Notes: Carpathes Grid! Old world towns and mysterious castles to wander and explore.

Hypergrid Address: sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012:Gateway1
Landing Region: Gateway1
Hypergrid Coordinates: (5000,5000)
Grid/Owner Website: Shaun Emerald – http://www.psmxy.net/blog/

Hypergrid Address: opensim-creations.com:9000
Landing Region: Palmhouse
Hypergrid Coordinates: (5012,5016)
Grid/Owner Website: Vanish Seriath – http://opensim-creations.com

Hypergrid Address: butterflysmack.com:9000:Butterfly
Landing Region: Butterfly
Hypergrid Coordinates: (5659,4203)
Grid/Owner Website: http://butterflysmack.com:9000/wifi
Notes: Neat area near landing point covered with flags from visiting hypernauts.

Hypergrid Address: korolov.sytes.net:9000
Landing Region: Your Parcel
Hypergrid Coordinates: (5829,5829)
Grid/Owner Website: http://korolov.sytes.net:9000/wifi
Notes: Korolov Grid, run by Maria Korolov on a home computer.

Hypergrid Address: vickiemac.dyndns.tv:9000:1
Landing Region: 1
Hypergrid Coordinates: (6000,6000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://vickiemac.dyndns.tv:9000/wif

Hypergrid Address: grid.newworldgrid.com:8002:Welcome
Landing Region: Welcome
Hypergrid Coordinates: (7000,7000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://newworldgrid.co

Hypergrid Address: hg.hyperica.com:8022:Hyperica Central
Landing Region: Hyperica Central
Hypergrid Coordinates: (7025,7025)
Grid/Owner Website: Maria Korolov
Notes: One of 3 Hyperica hyperports (Lower, Central and Upper) that let you easily reach many destinations across the hypergrid.

Hypergrid Address: os.liftedpixel.net:9000:PixelPlanetSW
Landing Region: PixelPlanetSW
Hypergrid Coordinates: (7662,7557)
Grid/Owner Website:  Jessica Pixel – http://liftedpixel.net/pixelplanet/

Hypergrid Address: pathlandia.dlinkddns.com:9000:Pathlandia
Landing Region: Pathlandia
Hypergrid Coordinates: (7777,7777)
Grid/Owner Website: http://bit.ly/pathlandia
Notes: My home grid, running on my desktop.  An island woodland retreat full of many freebie curios and curiosities.

Hypergrid Address: GridNirvana.net:8002:WillowGrove
Landing Region: WillowGrove
Hypergrid Coordinates: (7998,8003)
Grid/Owner Website: http://members.shaw.ca/wailerstribute/
Notes: Kristobell Jiminy’s region on GridNirvana, a tribute to the band “The Fabulous Wailers.”

Hypergrid Address: os.bio-se.info:9000:Nova
Landing Region: Nova
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8000,7998)
Grid/Owner Website: http://bio-se.info/wiki/Main_Page
Notes: BIO-SE Grid (Biological Interactive Objects for Science Education) is a collaboration to create learning tools in virtual worlds.  The region Nova is the home of Nova Saunder’s Archeology Island.

Hypergrid Address: ignis-fatuus.dyndns.org:8002:Nosgoth
Landing Region: Nosgoth
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8000,8000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://ignis-fatuus.dyndns.org:8002/wifi
Notes: Ignis Fatuus grid, a very detailed medieval-themed world.  It’s a wonderful and expansive setting for role playing and similar activities, for group field trips, or to draw some inspiration.

Hypergrid Address: login.germangrid.de:8002:GermanGrid Gate
Landing Region: GermanGrid Gate
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8001,8000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://germangrid.de

Hypergrid Address: www.badsworld.com:8002:Pirates Cove
Landing Region: Pirates Cove
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8000,8002)
Grid/Owner Website: http://www.badsworld.com

Hypergrid Address: wegrid.net:8002:Aloha
Landing Region: Aloha
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8004,8003)
Grid/Owner Website: http://www.wegrid.net/grid/
Notes: The main entry point to Worlds End Grid, this region is a beautiful art installation.  Follow the path down into the ocean to find the peacock trees and a hypergate.

Hypergrid Address: sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012:Eld
Landing Region: Eld
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8004,8003)
Grid/Owner Website: Shaun Emerald – http://www.psmxy.net/blog/
Notes: This region has a large collection of Blamgates that can take you all over the Hypergrid.  A real Gateway to the Metaverse!

Hypergrid Address: wegrid.net:8002:Port Coton
Landing Region: Port Coton
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8007,8006)
Grid/Owner Website: http://www.wegrid.net/grid/
Notes: A beautiful seaside town with amazing details.  Be sure to explore inside all the stores and pick up your free gift package from each one.

Hypergrid Address: hg.osgrid.org:80:lani
Landing Region: Lani
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8090,8090)
Grid/Owner Website: http://twitter.com/laniglobal
Notes: An amazing Dune-inspired Sci-Fi space created by Lani Global Systems. Watch out for giant sandworms.

Hypergrid Address: hg.osgrid.org:80:jump8000
Landing Region: jump8000
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8180,8180)
Grid/Owner Website: http://osgrid.org

Hypergrid Address:
Landing Region: dankoville
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8444,8444)
Grid/Owner Website: http://dankoville.weebly.com

Hypergrid Address: vibe.bio-se.info:9000:VIBE
Landing Region: VIBE
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8500,8500)
Grid/Owner Website: http://wiki.bio-se.info
Notes: Biological Interactive Objects for Science Education (BIO-SE) (now called Virtual Islands for Biology Education – VIBE) is a collaboration to create learning tools in virtual worlds. What differentiates this effort is that lesson plans and walk-throughs are being created to allow students to navigate through the virtual environment and object manipulation requiring minimal expertise or training in using the VW software. With a land grant from the Fashion Research Institute, BIO-SE was organized to create modular learning lessons in the area of biology on the OpenSim-based ScienceSim. We have now created our own hypergrid to improve our ability to collaborate and make our builds directly accessible to more people.

Hypergrid Address: ccdbbs.com:8002:A Paradise
Landing Region: A Paradise
Hypergrid Coordinates: (9000,9000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://ccdbbs.com:8002/wifi
Notes: Lost Paradise grid, a large world with over 250 regions.  The landing region “A Paradise” is a detailed old world European city, surrounded by many naturally landscaped islands.  Look for a real-life server room nearby the default landing point.

Hypergrid Address: fleepgrid.com:8002:FleepGrid Plaza
Landing Region: FleepGrid Plaza
Hypergrid Coordinates: (9013,9013)
Grid/Owner Website: http://fleepgrid.com
Notes: Run by Fleep Tuque (aka Chris M. Collins), a pioneering educator in the use of immersive education and virtual worlds.  Check out the fantastic educational area on her grid that lets you walk through a 3-d explanation of how Opensim works.

Hypergrid Address: endofmeta.pw:8002:The Realm of Rygeon
Landing Region: The Realm of Rygeon
Hypergrid Coordinates: (9997,10004)
Grid/Owner Website: http://rygeon.weebly.com

Hypergrid Address: endofmeta.pw:8002:The Street
Landing Region: The Street
Hypergrid Coordinates: (10000,10000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://endofthemetaverse.com

Hypergrid Address: craft-world.org:8002:Hydra
Landing Region: Hydra
Hypergrid Coordinates: (10000,9992)
Grid/Owner Website: http://www.craft-world.org

Hypergrid Address: englishgrid.com:8002:English Plaza
Landing Region: English Plaza
Hypergrid Coordinates: (10000,10000)
Grid/Owner Website: http://englishgrid.com
Notes: An educational grid for students in China to practice English language skills.  Nice writeup about the project on HyperGrid Business.

Hypergrid Address: windring.ussc.com:8002:Windgate
Landing Region: Windgate
Hypergrid Coordinates: (10001,1000)
Grid/Owner Website: N/A
Notes: WindRing Grid.  Look for the region Nuevo Relto to discover floating islands high in the sky based on the Relto Age from Uru.

Hypergrid Address: hg.osgrid.org:80:MARTYS FANTASY FOREST
Hypergrid Coordinates: (10390,10060)
Grid/Owner Website: N/A
Notes: Created by Martin Spiritor, this magical garden was created to relax visitors from everyday stress and tension.  Here you will find elven homes, colorful mushrooms, trees, butterflies, fantasy lamps and other unique fantasy items.

Hypergrid Address: hg.osgrid.org:80:Lbsa Plaza
Landing Region: Lbsa Plaza
Hypergrid Coordinates: (10402,10050)
Grid/Owner Website: http://osgrid.org

Hypergrid Address: hg.osgrid.org:80:Devokan Tao
Landing Region: Devokan Tao
Hypergrid Coordinates: (10627, 10625)
Grid/Owner Website: http://forum.devokan.org/
Notes: Devokan Tao is the central hub of a stunning collection of regions inspired by Myst/Uru.  Learn more about the Devokan Project in Opensim and look at some beautiful photographs.

Hypergrid Address: hg.hyperica.com:8022:Hyperica Upper
Landing Region: Hyperica Upper
Hypergrid Coordinates: (11025,11025)
Grid/Owner Website: Maria Korolov
Notes: One of 3 Hyperica hyperports (Lower, Central and Upper) that let you easily reach many destinations across the hypergrid.

17 thoughts on “Hypergrid Landmarks

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  3. Fantastic! Thank you so much for all your great work in making the metaverse a better place for us all. I am a huge fan! By the way, your taxis to Reaction Grid from Jokaydia and Pathlandia don´t seem to be working.

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  6. May I suggest two amendments?
    First, A Paradise at the Lost Paradise grid has a new address: LPgrid.com:8002:A Paradise
    Second, the Devokan regions have moved from OSgrid onto Kitely (for technical reasons); we’re looking forward to when Kitely becomes hypergrid-enabled. In the meantime, to help with hypergrid travel, on OSgrid there remains Shenn Tao’s beautiful Tao Lia at 10630, 10625, with hypergrid address hg.osgrid.org:80:Tao Lia

  7. this seams to be an old post 😀
    i really love hypergrid and i’ll prepare my servers for hypergrid too.
    i hope some more hypergrided space will be available soon 🙂

  8. dear grid owners,
    i’m happy that your grids are all working nice and i’ve found some really nice hypergrided spaces.
    cause some of you’re not realize that the grids are most more then 4095 simulations away. Please set your max_distance to 0.
    Thank you.much!

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