Introducing the Hypergrid Adventurers Club

I’ve decided to start something.

It’s an open club for anyone interested in group explorations of virtual worlds on the Hypergrid and sharing their experiences with others.

Want to join us?

I’ve been having a wonderful time on my new Opensim region “Pathlandia” in jokaydiaGRID.  Much of my time has been spent meeting old friends and making new ones, practicing my hand at building, and watching things unfold in a community of collaboration.

But my favorite thing by far has been exploring other worlds on the Hypergrid.

It has been a breathtaking experience to travel to other worlds while seamlessly bringing my inventory and avatar wherever I go.  I’ve learned so much from Hypergrid pioneers like Maria Korolov, and I highly recommend her great resources for beginners and comprehensive directory of Hypergrid locations.

I’ve also been bringing groups of fellow explorers on my Hypergrid travels.  At a recent conference in Finland I took the audience on a Hypergrid tour, along with a whole group of educators this week at a workshop in Sweden.  And I’ve met wonderful folks visiting Pathlandia who I’ve brought along for impromptu explorations.


Educators in Sweden exploring the Hypergrid. Photo by Robin Teigland.


It’s always more fun to explore with friends.  And it’s when people share their exploratory experiences and knowledge that things really take off.

So I’m officially starting the Hypergrid Adventurers Club.

We’ll be meeting regularly each week, and the first meeting will be Sunday October 24 from 10pm-11pm GMT.

For more details and a link to our calendar of scheduled meetings, please see my new Hypergrid Adventurers Club main page (there’s now a permanent link to that page in the header bar of my blog).

I strongly feel that the future of the Metaverse will involve Connectivity.  So let’s put theory into practice and explore that Connectivity together.

-John “Pathfinder” Lester

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