My Office Hours and Unity Tutorials

What are your Virtual Office Hours?

You can meet with me every week in Jibe, a web-based multiuser virtual world platform created by ReactionGrid using Unity.

My Virtual Office Hours are open to everyone.  Stop by and say hello, or feel free to ask me any questions you may have about virtual worlds and 3d simulations for education.

When are your Virtual Office Hours?

My Virtual Office Hours schedule can be found on this Google Calendar.

Where are your Virtual Office Hours?

Just click on this link to load my Jibe world in your web browser.  You’ll have to install the Unity3D web plugin to access it, and then you can log in using any avatar name you wish.

Tell me more about your Tutorials.

I like to write tutorials to help people learn how to do things with Jibe and Unity3d, and you can find them all on my blog.  But sometimes it’s easier to learn by participating in a live one-on-one tutorial.  That’s why I hold Introductory Tutorials every week.  You’ll learn the basics of Unity and Jibe from the ground up.  No previous experience required.

If you’d like to attend one of these tutorials, please go to ReactionGrid’s Service Desk and submit a ticket.  Specify your availability (good days/times) and I will schedule a tutorial session with you.

To prepare for the tutorial, be sure you have a copy of your Jibe Project Kit and a copy of the Unity Editor installed on your computer.  You can download the Unity3d Editor for free, and be sure you have skimmed through the Jibe User Manual.

I use TeamViewer or screensharing and Skype for audio.  Once I confirm a tutorial day/time, I’ll email you a specific url for the meeting.  Please be sure you have headphones and a microphone ready when you start the tutorial.

You should also skim through this Learning the Interface reference page to familiarize yourself with the basics of the Unity Editor’s interface.

And if you’re worried you might forget something during the tutorial, never fear!   I make a video recording of every tutorial session, and I will give you a personal copy so you can go back and watch it whenever you wish to refresh your memory.

John “Pathfinder” Lester

17 thoughts on “My Office Hours and Unity Tutorials

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    Would you be willing to give a brief talk to college students (just outside Boston) about developing virtual worlds?

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