Over 1,000 unique visitors to my Jibe world. Thank you!

It’s been 2 months now since I first opened the doors to my Jibe world.

In that time, I’ve had 1,269 different people visit it.

To everyone who has visited, thank you.  And to those of you who haven’t visited yet, I hope you stop by someday soon!

In addition to hosting specific Office Hours in my Jibe world, I also spend a lot of time during my workday just logged in with the window in the background.  Jibe plays a “boop” sound whenever someone logs in, so if I hear a “boop” I just pull the window to the foreground and say hello to whoever is visiting.  I meet a lot of great folks this way.

One of the awesome things about having a multiuser virtual world like Jibe running in your web browser is that you can use all kinds of useful web-based tools.  I have some Google Analytics code embedded in the page where my Jibe world lives, and this lets me easily see all kinds of interesting statistics on who has been visiting.

Unique visitors the past 2 months: 1,269
Different countries of origin: 54

Peru made the Top 10. Interesting!

Go FireFox!

The busiest day in my Jibe world these past 2 months was May 17th, when I gave a presentation to the ISTE SIGVE group.  On that day I had a max of 22 visitors simultaneously with over 100 unique visitors throughout the day.

I do my best to make my Jibe world an interesting place to explore with frequently added new content as well as many hidden easter eggs to discover.  In addition to my Jibe-focused blog posts, I also use my Jibe world to illustrate new features and capabilities of both Jibe and Unity3d.  I’ve only been learning Unity3d for a couple months now, and hopefully you can see how anyone can quickly start using Jibe and Unity3d to create fun and interactive web-based multiuser virtual world experiences.  Bottom line, if a newbie like me can do it, so can you.

Thanks again to all the visitors, and here’s to the next 1,000!  See you in Jibe!

Something new I just added to my Jibe world. I wonder if anyone recognizes it?

-John “Pathfinder” Lester

5 thoughts on “Over 1,000 unique visitors to my Jibe world. Thank you!

    • Glad to see your rweneed commitment to OpenSim, John, as well as Reaction Grid’s. The upgrade will keep me active at Jokaydia Grid, where I hope to receive some Gridnaut visitors at Nevermore. Even before the upgrade, I was able to run 15 students through a simulation (with lots of Jokay’s help tweaking the region) for their final exams. They loved the experience.I have been excited by the potential for Unity-based VWs, yet they are not the direction I and many colleagues will pursue, given the skill-sets needed for UGC and the lack of incentives college faculty receive (and budgets, nowadays) to redevelop new content and learn new tools. I know you and RG’s other talented staff have considered what a linked set of grids could do for education, now that more campuses are hosting their own local grids. See you folks back in the Hypergrid!

  1. Congratulations, Pathfinder! Doing a super job stirring the pot for Reaction Grid. Love your fun and creative ways of ‘educating’ us in Jibe secrets… 🙂

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