I love you Jasper

Jasper passed away yesterday.  This is the last picture I have of him just hours before he left.  He was 2 months away from his 16th birthday.

2015-11-22 13.18.38

I will always love you, Jasper.

18 thoughts on “I love you Jasper

  1. I remember that lovely post you wrote about Jasper’s new harness, and how he was able once more to explore the backyard. He was/is a much-loved dog. Sympathies to you, from another dog owner, who knows how much they give in return to the rest of their family.

  2. So sad to lose our devoted pets…condolences. You could, if you wish, contact Timber Wolfe in Metropolis. He has a Pet Memorial region where you can get a copy of the headstone, put your dogs photo on it, and place it out.

    hypergrid.org:8002:Pet Memorial

    My cat is there….warm regards

  3. Hi Pathfinder, your memorial stone is placed, happy to do it, I’m sorry for your so recent loss 😦
    I lost a young dog to an embolism in the spine that caused his backend to become paralized, unfortunately the wheelchair wasn’t much of an option.

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