An Educator’s Field Trip to a Jibe Virtual World

Marianne Riis works at the Multi-User Virtual Environments Research (MUVER) Lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen in Denmark.

She’s teaching a class focused on interpersonal Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) this spring, and recent topics have included avatar-based communication.

Marianne decided to bring her 89 student class on a field trip into my demo Jibe world.  Here’s her detailed report.

I think it’s fantastic when educators share experiences like this.  It helps educators and students learn from each other, and it also helps virtual world platform providers learn how to make their technology as useful to educators as possible.

Thank you, Marianne!

Marianne Riis and her students visit my Jibe world

-John “Pathfinder” Lester
Chief Learning Officer
ReactionGrid Inc.

2 thoughts on “An Educator’s Field Trip to a Jibe Virtual World

  1. Well, I want to thank you, John – it is wonderful that you leave your world open for exploration! Because the students in this particular class had almost no experience with 3D worlds, I just let them play around, get a feel of the environment and a sense of being avatars. I was particularly interested in seeing how it would work to bring such a large group in-world, and I was truly impressed with how easy it was for the students to get in, start to move around, and communicate, so I’d certainly feel confident to use it again 🙂 I really feel encouraged to explore Jibe more with future classes and more specific learning goals in mind, and I’m looking forward to following your and the rest of the teams’ endeavors with LearnNC … exciting times, yay!

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