My Little Autumn Park in Second Life

Fall is my favorite season, and I’ve been spending the afternoon setting up a little Autumn-themed park in Second Life.

There’s something wonderful about warm fall colors.  And it’s so much fun to tinker with sounds, shadows, crumbling stone walls, falling leaves and hidden surprises (can you find the weasel?).

You can visit my little park if you wish.  It’s one of my parcels in historic old Nova Albion (I’ve owned land there since 2004).

A view from the road.


Can you find the secret door? I wonder where it goes.

Crows keep watch.

Crows keep watch.


Could use a pumpkin latte right about now.


The arches are a nice sitting spot with peaceful sounds from the fountain and nearby birds.


Crumbling stone walls with old trees growing through them.


Hey.  Something is tickling my ankle.

Take care,
– John “Pathfinder” Lester

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