Hypergrid Adventurers Club – Meeting #1

The Hypergrid Adventurers Club had its first meeting today.

For more info about the club and how you can join us, please see our homepage.

Onward to Adventure!

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The Future of Virtual Worlds: No Fate but What We Make

In the movie Terminator 2, there is a memorable scene where Sarah Connor carves some words into a park bench.

I think those words hold a special meaning for those of us interested in the future of virtual worlds like Second Life, OpenSim, and whatever new worlds will come.

And I believe it’s a very bright future.  For everyone.

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The Future will be Connected: Maps and the Metaverse

From the movie Time Bandits:

You see, to be quite frank, the fabric of the universe is far from perfect. It was a bit of botched job, you see. We only had seven days to make it.

And that’s where this comes in. This is the only map of all the holes. Well, why repair them? Why not use them to get stinking rich?

Or, you could use them to build a foundation for the future of Virtual Worlds.

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A Virtual World in my Hands: Running OpenSim and Imprudence on a USB Key

Once in a while, I get a tingling feeling on the back of my neck.

It’s triggered by my discovery of something beautiful that has the potential to change both my own life and the lives of others.

Nascent revolutionary change.

Today I got that feeling again.  And it only took me 1 hour of my time and a small USB key.

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With every Exodus comes Expansion: Educators and Non-profits in Second Life

As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged for about a month. I was also quiet on Twitter. The primary reason for this was a nasty bug that knocked me off my feet for a few weeks, and while I recovered I took the time to pretty much unplug from the online world.

Occasionally decoupling from the endless flow of online information gives me a chance to focus on new things without interruption. I spent my offline time reading books on various subjects and deeply immersing myself in the narrative of a couple video games.

While my illness bug is happily gone, my writing bug has happily returned. My next few blog posts will be about some insights I had into the nature of engagement in virtual worlds, games, and immersive stories. But for now, I’ll share some thoughts about the current situation with educators and non-profits in Second Life.

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The danger in how we see

Tigers like to hide.

And, unfortunately for us, they are really quite good at it.

Tigers can magically blend in with their surroundings, giving us only glimpses of their true form.

But there’s much more to fear from tigers than simply being eaten alive.

It has to do with how we see them while they’re hiding in the grass.

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Good times at the Second Life Community Convention

I had an outstanding time at the recent Second Life Community Convention here in Boston. It was great to meet new folks, reconnect with old friends, and I had a blast giving my keynote presentation.  And a big thank you to everyone who showed up bright and early at 8am on Sunday to listen to me.

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