Avoiding Virtual Couch Potato Syndrome: How to create a web-embedded video display that interfaces with your Jibe 3d virtual world

With Jibe, you can create your own multiuser 3d virtual world and embed it on any webpage.

This means you can have your Jibe world living on a webpage along with any other web-based content you like.

Today we’ll learn how to create an embedded video display on a webpage that works with a video channel switcher inside your Jibe world.  Continue reading

On Being “Part of the Product”

Dusan Writer thinks a lot about the business of virtual worlds and, specifically, Second Life.

He recently wrote a very thoughtful and interesting blog post titled “SECOND LIFE NEXT: 2011.

In my comment on his post, I said the following:

You also talked about how “user generated content is not a business model.” I’m not sure I fully agree with you on that. The bottom line is, if you’re using a service and not paying for it, you’re not a customer. You’re part of the product. At least that’s how all successful businesses see it.

I’d like to expand a bit on what I said in bold.  Because, if done right, I think it’s a very good thing both for businesses and customers.

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Hypergrid Adventurers Club meet #28+29: Physics Education and Giant Laboratories on NewWorldGrid

This past Sunday we made two excursions to the region Physics on NewWorldGrid, where we discovered and explored a giant-sized physics lab as well as a planetarium.

In our second meeting of the day we met with the creator Aime Socrates, who also built the amazing CERN nuclear physics area we explored in a previous visit.

Read on for a full transcript and many photos from our two meetings on Sunday.

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Hypergrid Adventurers Club meet #27: Educational Whiteboards, visiting a There.com outpost on NewWorldGrid, and Dachshunds

At this meeting we learned about an Opensim whiteboard tool designed by Trevor Meister and visited a There.com outpost on NewWorldGrid created by Mike_37uk There.

We also briefly discussed dachshunds.  A subject very dear to me.

Read on for a full transcript and many photos of our adventure.

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Hypergrid Adventurers Club meet #12: Exploring Spaceships, Fly-In Theaters, Modular Education Spaces and Cube3 Virtual Products

In today’s meeting we met with Larry Rosenthal (Cube Inada) of Cube3.com for a guided tour of Cube3 Virtual Worlds and Products displayed on ReactionGrid’s public grid.

Cube also shared his amazing background and knowledge of many different virtual worlds.  Read on for a full transcript and many photos.

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Hypergrid Adventurers Club meet #2: Hypergrid updates, Visiting France, and Discovering Opera in Opensim

In this meeting we talked about exciting new updates to the Hypergrid, how HyperGates work, and visited a French grid in search of adventure.

We also met a French researcher who informed us of very cool upcoming mixed-reality opera in FrancoGrid. Read on for all the details!

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The Future will be Connected: Maps and the Metaverse

From the movie Time Bandits:

You see, to be quite frank, the fabric of the universe is far from perfect. It was a bit of botched job, you see. We only had seven days to make it.

And that’s where this comes in. This is the only map of all the holes. Well, why repair them? Why not use them to get stinking rich?

Or, you could use them to build a foundation for the future of Virtual Worlds.

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