My interview with Paisley Beebe on “Tonight Live”

On January 23rd 2011, I was an invited guest on Paisley Beebe’s “Tonight Live” show in Second Life.  Thank you again to everyone on the Tonight Live and team for working so hard to put on such a professional show and the opportunity for me to participate.   I had a fun time, and thank you to everyone who attended as well.

I shared some of my thoughts about my time working at Linden Lab, some simple advice for Linden Lab’s new CEO, my new gig with Reaction Grid, the state of education in virtual worlds, and the future of interconnected virtual worlds in general.

I hope I was entertaining.  If anyone would like me to expand on anything I said in the interview, please leave a blog comment and I’ll happily reply.

Here’s a recording of my interview.

-John “Pathfinder” Lester

2 thoughts on “My interview with Paisley Beebe on “Tonight Live”

  1. Paisley is great with the probing questions, she should take over from Jeremy Paxman in the U.K. lol

    Seriously though, I think you eased into it quite well, it’s difficult to answer questions on a previous workplace, and such a prominent one, as well as balance what your current position is in relation to the previous job and what you wish to speak up for. I liked the ‘rope’ and Buddhist analogies.

    I love that avatar as well! I also had the same Marilliac wings from Material Squirrel. I kind of miss those.

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