Special Hypergrid Adventurers Club Meeting – March 13: Exploring Hypergrid 1.5

The Hypergrid Adventurers Club has its home on the region Pathlandia on jokaydiaGRID.  That’s where we start all our meetings, and where we begin our jumps to other grids on the Hypergrid.

Our challenge right now is the fact that the Hypergrid is currently fragmented into three different protocol versions (HG 1.0, HG 1.5 i6 and HG 1.5 i7).  If you are on a grid running one of these versions of the Hypergrid protocol, you can make hypergrid jumps to other grids running the same version.  But you cannot jump between grids running different versions.

All of the grids hosted by ReactionGrid (which includes jokaydiaGRID) are currently running HG 1.0.  We’re pretty conservative about upgrading things at ReactionGrid, since the majority of our customers are educators and businesses who value stability above all else.  While many people are successfully running grids using the newer HG 1.5 i6 and HG 1.5 i7 versions, we’ve found in the past that serious bugs often only become apparent when running larger grids.  So we’re still waiting for the dust to settle before we upgrade things at ReactionGrid and the 100+ grids that we host for other people.

But in the meantime, there’s a lot of cool stuff on HG 1.5 grids that we want to explore with the Hypergrid Adventurers Club!  Fortunately, our club has pioneering members who have set up outposts on the network of HG 1.5 i6 grids.  So for our March 13 meeting, we’re going to explore two of those outposts.

What you need to do to explore HG 1.5 i6 with us on March 13

Our two meetings on Sunday, March 13 (5pm+10pm GMT) will begin on the region HyperBase42 on NeoGrid.  NeoGrid has been set up by Neo Cortex, and he is designing it as a convenient place for hypergrid explorers to begin their exploration of HG 1.5 i6 compatible grids.

If you already have an account on a HG 1.5 i6 based grid, you can reach our meeting on NeoGrid by logging in to that account and hypergrid jumping to this address: hbase42.hopto.org:8002:Hyperbase42

If you don’t have an account on a HG 1.5 i6 based grid, you can sign up for a new avatar account on Hyperbase42 by going to this account creation page.  Neo has to approve each account, so be sure to register your new account as soon as possible to it will be ready for Sunday’s meetings.

Once you’ve created an account on NeoGrid, you can log directly into it using the following settings in Imprudence’s Grid Manager tool:

For the first 30 minutes of our meeting, we’ll hang out on Hyperbase42 and get a tour of all the hard work that Neo Cortex has been putting in to the space.  Then our group will make a hypergrid jump to explore Vanish Seriath’s HG 1.5 i6 compatible TGIB grid.

The home base of the Hypergrid Adventurers Club will always be the region Pathlandia on jokaydiaGRID.  But until all the different versions of the hypergrid are sorted out, we’ll occasionally have more meetings like this in the future.  Stay tuned as we adventure into the wider constellation of interconnected worlds!

And if you have any questions or need help getting set up for this special meeting, please join our HGAC Google Group and ask away.  Lots of friendly people in that group (160+), and we’re always happy to help.