Introducing Authentic Animal Conversations

I’ve been getting into creative writing lately.

When I was in high school, I used to write a lot.  Mostly short stories.  I really enjoyed it, and apparently I was pretty good at it too.  As a junior in high school I won a Brown University Book Award for my “academic excellence combined with clarity in written and spoken expression.”

I’ve always remembered that nice formal affirmation.  Despite the fact that I never ended up going to Brown.  And that I spent most of my academic focus in high school playing D&D.

But such an affirmation doesn’t mean anything if you don’t actually continue to write. Continue reading

Short Story: Part 2: “I am Anomaly”

I wrote this while sitting at home in the middle of the first blizzard of the season.  Which probably explains why there is so much snow and ice in this story.

It’s a follow-up to my story “Jetpack.”

I’m not sure where it’s all going, but I have some ideas.  If people like it, I’ll keep writing more.

Be warned.  There’s no real ending to this one.

Just a beginning.

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Short Story: Part 1: Jetpack

Cubey Terra recently wrote a bittersweet short story called “The Oldbie.”  If you’ve ever used Second Life, you should read it.

It inspired me.  So I’ve written a similar story.  A story about virtual worlds and the future.

It’s called “Jetpack.”  This one’s for you, Cubey.

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