Authentic Animal Conversation #7: “Walnut Hose”

“See?  What did I tell you?”

“Yeah, these seeds are pretty tasty.  But you’re sure this is OK?”

“Dude, just look at this thing.  It is most definitely a Squirrel Feeding Station.  I watched a human set it up for us this morning.”

“You positive, Steve?  I mean, that human in the window is waving his arms all over the place.”

“Relax.  Look, this thing has a perfect little ledge for us to stand on, and the seeds just pour out when you stick your paw in the the hole.  It’s obviously designed for us to enjoy.”

“Now he’s coming out of the house.  He’s got a hose.”

“Humans use hoses to fill things.  He’s coming to refill our feeding station!”

“I have a bad feeling about–”

“I hope that’s a walnut hose!  I love walnuts!”

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