Authentic Animal Conversation #2: “Fascinating”

“It’s fascinating, really.”

“I’m half asleep.  You’ll have to be more specific.”

“The fact that we are the same species.  I mean, look at our size difference!”


“You’re 10 times my size!  You’re gargantuan!  Yet we are both Canis lupus familiaris.  How is such disparity within the same species possible?”

“You think too much.  Let’s snuggle some more.  My butt is still cold.”

“I wonder if there’s a Wikipedia article about this…”

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1 thought on “Authentic Animal Conversation #2: “Fascinating”

  1. There are just so many tnighs wrong with this article that I don’t even know where to start. Let’s just number them for good measure:1.) What on earth makes it your problem when someone has copyrighted material from someone else on their, or anothers, grid? Judging from what you wrote, you’re not the creator of the model.2.) Are you really comparing consumers to kids, who need to be told by their “mothers” (i.e., in your metaphor, you) what to consume?3.) Are you insinuating that people giving away freebies are in some way more likely to be malicious than those who sell them for money? Couldn’t a “trojan horsed pirated copy” be sold likewise?4.) Are you aware that the internet is rather international, and that opensim users from other countries might even have a legal right to copy copyrighted material for personal reasons without the permission of the owner?5.) How do you define “questionable provenance”? People use the freebies I offer without ever questioning me, without knowing me, without contacting me. Am I, to them, questionable? If yes, how can I become unquestionable?6.) Tell me more about these “disease vectors” and how they spread epidemics. I have yet to see my first opensim epidemic, and this sounds like a whole bunch of bollocks, to be quite frank.7.) Also, please tell me exactly what your fears are based upon that you need to warn the consumer community so very intensely. Are there trojan horse copies distributed? Do you have evidence? Could you give names? Or is it just a little conspiracy in your head?

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