Hypergrid Adventurers Club visits OSGrid – January 5 2012

To celebrate the reboot of the Hypergrid Adventurers Club, we took a trip from jokaydiaGRID to OSGrid.

It was a very successful journey, and I hope everyone had a good time.  Read on for a summary, some pics, and instructions on how you can make the journey yourself.

Our starting point was the region Scooter on jokaydiaGRID, and a total of 21 avatars made the journey together.

Since the region Scooter on jokaydiaGrid and the region Lbsa Plaza on OSGrid are very far away from each other on the Hypergrid (about 9,000 regions apart), we had to make 3 hypergrid jumps and visit 2 different intermediate grids during our journey.  A challenge!

Waiting for folks to arrive on jokaydiaGRID.

From there, we all jumped to the region Gateway1 on Sanctuary grid.  We were very fortunate to meet Shaun Emerald, the grid owner, who was kind enough to welcome us as we arrived.  Thank you again Shaun!

Arriving on Sanctuary grid. Be sure to check out all the cool Hypergates if you visit.

For our next jump, we all hopped to the region GermanGrid Gate on GermanGrid.

Alles gut!

And finally, a jump to the region Lbsa Plaza on OSGrid.

Final Destination Achieved

Lbsa Plaza is the main landing point for OSGrid, so there are always some folks hanging out.  I saw a few comments from folks who were amazed by the sudden arrival of over 20 visitors via the Hypergrid.  We even ran Justin Clark-Casey, an OpenSim core developer.  Nice to see you again, Justin!

If you’d like to make this journey yourself, just get an account on jokaydiaGRID, log in to the region Scooter on jokaydiaGRID (it’s the default arrival point for new accounts), and then follow these instructions:

Make each of the jumps by following these 4 simple steps
1) Open your World Map in your viewer.
2) In the text box next to the Search button, enter the Hypergrid Address.
3) Click the Search button and wait for the map to move to the destination region.
4) Click the Teleport button.

Hypergrid Address:
Landing Region: Scooter
Hypergrid Coordinates: (1000,1000)
Grid Website: http://jokaydiagrid.com

*** JUMP #1
Hypergrid Address: sanctuary.homelinux.org:8012:Gateway1
Landing Region: Gateway1
Hypergrid Coordinates: (5000,5000)
Grid Website: n/a

*** JUMP #2
Hypergrid Address: login.germangrid.de:8002:GermanGrid Gate
Landing Region: GermanGrid Gate
Hypergrid Coordinates: (8001,8000)
Grid Website: http://germangrid.de

*** JUMP #3
Hypergrid Address: hg.osgrid.org:80:Lbsa Plaza
Landing Region: Lbsa Plaza
Hypergrid Coordinates: (10402,10050)
Grid Website: http://osgrid.org

And please join us at an upcoming meeting if you’d like to explore the hypergrid with a group of friendly folks.  All the information you need (including our schedule) is on the Hypergrid Adventurers Club Homepage.

See you on the Hypergrid!

Take care,
-John “Pathfinder” Lester

14 thoughts on “Hypergrid Adventurers Club visits OSGrid – January 5 2012

  1. Unfortunately, the reverse journey does not seem possible. I was not able to TP from Gateway 1 to Jokadia. I got an unable to verify avatar error message. Either something is not set up right there or you don’t want riff-raff from the higher regions(OSGrid) visiting

    • Hi Lucy. Thanks for the info! Yeah, I seem to be getting the same result (“Could not teleport. Destination refused: Unable to verify identity.”) I’ll check with jokay and our ReactionGrid team to see what’s up. Thank you again for letting me know about this.

      • Hi John,

        I also tried and got the same error message.
        The route I took was:

        to [this failed]

        Perhaps the Scooter grid is a walled garden, outgoing only?

        Lani Global

  2. HyperGrid JUMPS:

    There are “JUMP” regions on OSGrid, with access to other HG grids directly.
    The jump regions provide access points if more than 4096 regions away.
    “jump4000” is in lower grid at hg.osgrid.org:80:jump4000/128/128/40
    “jump8000” is in middle grid at hg.osgrid.org:80:jump8000/128/128/40

    Teleport Flags for HyperGrid jump regions are at the Lani Global Store
    in OSGrid Lani region [in middle grid]

    You can also go direct to Lbsa Plaza via Lani region.
    jump4000–>Lani–>Lbsa Plaza

    Lani Global

  3. HGAC is welcome to meet any time in Lani region of OSGrid.
    The sim runs on a fast server in a data center, at middle grid coordinates, with access to both lower grid and upper grid. It is HyperGrid 24/7 with both HyperGate and OSGrid Stargate (Pepper Next’s MilkyWay Stargate) and a sandbox area is available.

      • Each grid owner sets their own pcieolis. And content creators can set the permissions rights as usual on their items however they wish (free, copyable, no-copy etc.). As I was traveling to different grids, I noticed how some wouldn’t allow me to transfer any content I obtained from the grid to a different grid. On others, I could acquire freebie items and keep them with me in my inventory wherever I went. There are definitely challenges ahead in terms of setting up a trustworthy “universal currency” across these different grids, and making sure content creators can adequately protect their work and create viable businesses.But this all reminds me of the early days of the web, when many folks would exclaim “Online businesses will never work. Websites will never be trusted enough to keep credit card information safe. No one will be able to make a living if they put their stuff up on the Web.”Nature finds a way.

  4. I hope you have a good visit! Sorry I can’t join you at that time. After your obligatory visit to the Lani Global Systems Store… I recommend this:

    Get one of the [LGS] Myriad hud/meters and go to the basement of Central Pyramid… there you can play the Crystal Quest Adventure RP Game. (watch out for monsters, good luck I hope you all survive).

    After that, get a personal Combat Ornithopter spacecraft out on the launch pad, and fly up to 2100 meters to the space station, and try some dogfights…

    Have fun!


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