My Office Hour in your Browser

Welcome to Jibe!

We’ve been working very hard at ReactionGrid on our virtual world platform called Jibe.

Jibe is a great way to give people access to virtual worlds through a web browser, and future versions will support mobile devices and even game consoles.  You use the Unity3D editor to create environments in Jibe, and I’ve been having a lot of fun learning how to use it as well as finding cool places to get reusable 3D mesh content.

I now have my own Jibe-based virtual world online and accessible by anyone who wants to visit.  So I’m officially expanding my weekly Office Hours to include a couple new meetings each week that I’ll be hosting in my Jibe world.  See my Office Hours webpage for all the updated details.

You can visit my Jibe world even if I’m not around.  Just open it in your web browser and have fun exploring.  I’m still building it out, so please mind the mess.  I plan to add some fun games and hidden secrets in the future.  Hope to see you there!

Sitting at my workbench in Jibe. And yes, having a fire that close to my spaceship is probably a bad idea.

10 thoughts on “My Office Hour in your Browser

  1. Apparently Unity only works for Windows & MacOSX. No love for Linux. 😦

    Tried it on my Windows machine, can’t wait to see this more widely adopted!

  2. Hi Pathfinder

    When do you get time to sleep? This is an amazing idea.

    There’s a bug, though. When I try to go to your sim in my Firefox 3.6.15 browser, the Unity Web Player says: “The content was stopped because a fatal content error has been detected.”

    One more thing to puzzle over. Patience is a virtue!

    • Hi Ellie,

      I’ve never seen that error before. I’ll check with our developers to see what it means.

      I just tried accessing my Jibe world using Firefox 3.6.15 and it worked ok for me.

      I’m running Windows 7. What operating system are you using? Maybe it’s a bug that has to do with the OS…

      • Hi! I also saw this error, but undaunted I told the browser to reload the page, twice. Third time lucky! (Firefox, on a Mac laptop running Snow Leopard).

        Very impressed! No more ‘duck-walking avatar’, and running if the cursor key is held for long enough – well done.

        Best wishes,

      • Hmm, that makes 2 folks who got that error. We’ll look into that. Thanks for letting me know!

        You also can jump if you hit the space key. And we’re working on the ability to fly. 😉

    • Hey John, this is etxicing, what we need for the future is a total USB package, linux has this already however if we could create a bootable Linux distro which automatically booted up the imprudence viewer and open sim and released it opensource it would be massive. I think its time virtual worlds got pocket sizes, if it be via unity3D or on a mobile device such as an android or iOS platform, the future should be in our hands, not our servers. Looking forward to the future.Oliver

  3. Hi Pathfinder.

    Inspired by your thinking here. Synchronicity in VW. Starting out 12 months ago on a thread in Virtual Worlds group on LinkedIn, with no contacts in virtual worlds, I posted a comment: “I am sending out this message in a bottle on the sea of possibility. If you find it, please let me know”. Pooky Amsterdam found it, and today I am developing real world business, based on in-world potentialities. Yesterday, I had a great Skype with Kyle G and Jeff Lowe, and shared my big ticket nacent project with them. Hoping we get to talk soon, graeme (Earl Westminster)

  4. I just visited (Opera 11.01 WinXP), works like a charm 🙂
    I sat down on a prim and I even could hear the fire! cool stuff 🙂

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