Quick Thoughts about a mobile version of Second Life: SL Go

CaptureI tried out SL Go today.

Wow, it’s beautiful and fast. Seriously impressive from a technical perspective. Could definitely make mobile a more viable access point for Second Life users.

And beyond simply viable, I can imagine new ideas for expanding Second Life’s functionality on mobile devices to make it even more engaging and innovative (e.g., tying in GPS data, augmented reality using mobile device camera, etc.).

As for the pricing…

The entire game industry has come to the conclusion that the future belongs to freemium, free-to-play, and pay-once-play-forever.

Metered usage?

The 1990’s are on the phone and they want their business model back.

SL Go is a great idea with a lot of potential that will die in the nest if it doesn’t move to a modern-day pricing model.

About John Lester (Pathfinder)

John Lester is an expert in Multiuser 3D Virtual Worlds, Immersive Learning, Knowledge Management and Community Development. His background is in neuroscience research and medical education, and he previously worked at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital and Linden Lab. John is currently the Chief Learning Officer at ReactionGrid Inc., helping clients develop new systems for immersive learning using web and mobile-based virtual world platforms. For more contact info please see http://about.me/pathfinder
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7 Responses to Quick Thoughts about a mobile version of Second Life: SL Go

  1. draxfiles says:

    hope you enjoy the discussion on this week’s podcast about SL GO!

  2. I posted a reply on your G+ but I thought I’d come in here and say it too, you’re absolutely right in thinking that the subscription rate is the key downside to this business model. I really love the idea and the way that they’ve presented SLgo, it looks beautiful. But I can’t recommend it to the college I work with because that subscription is immediately going to stop it being implemented.

    Somebody once said that 1 hour is 5 second life minutes.

  3. shava says:

    Tuna and I had the same thoughts. I think he tweeted something about Compuserve…

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  5. hackathorn says:

    Interesting! Should try…sometime. No pricing schedule, except on home page stating “rates as low as $2.50 per hour”. Could add up…

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