ReactionGrid’s new website is up!

After much work by the entire team, ReactionGrid’s new website is now live.

We’ve been banging away at it for many weeks now, and I’m very proud of the results.

A lot of effort was spent on both the graphic design and the information design.  It was a complete overhaul from the previous site.

Our primary goal with the new site was to have something that looked beautiful, that clearly explained what ReactionGrid does, and that gave people an immediate sense of what our Jibe platform is all about.  I think we accomplished our mission.

And it looks groovy on mobile devices, too. 😉

If you have any feedback or constructive criticism about the website’s content or design, please leave it in the comments.  Thanks!

Take care,
– John Lester
Chief Learning Officer, ReactionGrid Inc.

5 thoughts on “ReactionGrid’s new website is up!

  1. Hey Lester. It’s a great step forward, great. To be picky in a constructive way – believe me! – the image of the Server room is v.low res and detracts from the slickness of the redisgn. And, it would be so nice if you could use each of the paras of useage types under the image area, as navigable links to either video galleries or, as and when available, jibe worlds which correspond to each type of use. These comments are from a perfectionist who’s never happy with his own work!
    Keep on trucking, and hope we might work on something soon, or at least chat it over…..something might be “afoot”.
    namaste, graeme

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