Let’s begin!

Time to start a blog.

I’ll be posting my thoughts on strategies for pioneers in virtual worlds, online communities, education, and more.

I hope you find it interesting and entertaining.

– John “Pathfinder” Lester

13 thoughts on “Let’s begin!

  1. Followed, and added to blogroll; looking forward to reading.

    Thanks, btw, for invoking both Watership Down and diaspora during your presentation at SLCC. In the latter case, you might have used an older example… but Tibet is perhaps more timely and less fraught with side issues. Nevertheless, did you know that the Dalai Lama consulted with prominent members of that older diaspora for advice on how to keep a culture coherent in exile? There’s a book about it.

    • Just ordered that book. Thank you for the tip!

      You’re very right. The history of how many cultures have adapted to diaspora is long and complex. I chose Tibet because of my recent work with tibetan buddhist monks.

      The original Greek word for diaspora translates as “a scattering of seeds.” Deep and timeless meaning in those words.

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