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Summary of ReactionGrid’s ISTE SIGVE presentation in Jibe

ISTE SIGVE (International Society for Technology in Education – Special Interest Group for Virtual Environments) is a group of educators, administrators, and educational technologists who are interested in the development of 3D Virtual Environment platforms for connection and collaboration. They … Continue reading

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Making the Most of Meeting in the Physical World: Evocative Artifacts

MIT’s Technology Review recently published an article on how CardCloud Spells the End of Physical Business Cards. As someone who spends most of their professional life immersed in the online world, I tend to agree that physical business cards are … Continue reading

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An Obscured Opportunity: Opensim and Content Creators

Opensim is a compelling platform for virtual world development.  And some new technologies have recently popped up that could potentially make Opensim even more compelling. Tipodean has launched a preview of their web-based viewer.  And Kitely just opened its doors … Continue reading

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On Being “Part of the Product”

Dusan Writer thinks a lot about the business of virtual worlds and, specifically, Second Life. He recently wrote a very thoughtful and interesting blog post titled “SECOND LIFE NEXT: 2011.“ In my comment on his post, I said the following: … Continue reading

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My Prediction for Virtual Worlds in 2011

At the end of each calendar year, it’s common for people to offer up their predictions for the new year ahead. Such predictions are fun to make and fun to read.  Since I mostly swim in the waters of online … Continue reading

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Beginning next week, my Office Hours in ReactionGrid

Starting next week, I will be holding regular Office Hours in ReactionGrid. See this page for all the details. -John “Pathfinder” Lester

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My New Gig at ReactionGrid

As of October 27th, I have joined the fantastic team at ReactionGrid. My new role is Director of Community Development. Read on for some of my thoughts on where I’ve been, where I’m going, and what brought me to make … Continue reading

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1-Bit Symphony and the Art of Constraint

Pioneers are everywhere.  And they explore many different worlds. We often find them in the worlds of business, science, technology and the arts. And we can learn many lessons by simply observing their innovative work. Let’s explore artist Tristan Perich’s … Continue reading

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How to build the impossible

Throughout history, we have tried to build impossible things. Insanely impossible things. Things that require innovation, complex combinations of technologies, and a lot of coordination and work. And despite great difficulty, we’ve managed to successfully build many impossible things. Like … Continue reading

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Good times at the Second Life Community Convention

I had an outstanding time at the recent Second Life Community Convention here in Boston. It was great to meet new folks, reconnect with old friends, and I had a blast giving my keynote presentation.  And a big thank you … Continue reading

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