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Making the Most of Meeting in the Physical World: Evocative Artifacts

MIT’s Technology Review recently published an article on how CardCloud Spells the End of Physical Business Cards. As someone who spends most of their professional life immersed in the online world, I tend to agree that physical business cards are … Continue reading

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An Obscured Opportunity: Opensim and Content Creators

Opensim is a compelling platform for virtual world development.  And some new technologies have recently popped up that could potentially make Opensim even more compelling. Tipodean has launched a preview of their web-based viewer.  And Kitely just opened its doors … Continue reading

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Short Story: Part 4: Camper

“Oh, you bastard!  Campers suck!” “It’s a valid strategy!” screamed a voice from around the corner. Those were the last words Jeff heard as red mist seeped into his vision.  Headshot.

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Encouraging Exploration: Tales of Telehubs and Hypergrid Hops

We all have a desire to explore.  It’s in our nature as human beings to seek out novel things, both the conceptual and the physical.  To be human is to be an explorer. Virtual worlds give us an opportunity to … Continue reading

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The danger in how we see

Tigers like to hide. And, unfortunately for us, they are really quite good at it. Tigers can magically blend in with their surroundings, giving us only glimpses of their true form. But there’s much more to fear from tigers than … Continue reading

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How to build the impossible

Throughout history, we have tried to build impossible things. Insanely impossible things. Things that require innovation, complex combinations of technologies, and a lot of coordination and work. And despite great difficulty, we’ve managed to successfully build many impossible things. Like … Continue reading

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The Lattice of Coincidence

“A lot of people don’t realize what’s really going on. They view life as a bunch of unconnected incidents and things. They don’t realize there’s this, like, Lattice of Coincidence that lays on top of everything.” That’s a quote from … Continue reading

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You Look Marvelous

We all want to look marvelous. And in virtual worlds, we want our avatars to look marvelous. In both form and motion, we want them to possess beauty and grace.  We want people to gasp at their originality and for … Continue reading

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How the Metaverse was Won

Most people deeply involved in Virtual Worlds, from researchers to developers to enthusiastic users, have read Neal Stephenson’s novel “Snow Crash.” In it, Stephenson coins the term “Metaverse.” He describes it as a perceptually immersive successor to the Internet, populated … Continue reading

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On Being Human

Artificial Intelligence is sexy. At least, that’s what we’re constantly being told. Technologists wax poetic about how computers can increasingly replicate our ability to think and reason.  Folks like Eric Schmidt gleefully proclaim that people really want Google to “tell … Continue reading

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