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“Safety Not Guaranteed” – If you were a Time Traveler, what Watch would you Wear?

I recently watched the movie “Safety Not Guaranteed” and really enjoyed it.  It’s about time travel and believing in your dreams. But one thing I kept wondering about was the wristwatch Kenneth was wearing.  I mean, if you’re a time … Continue reading

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A peaceful retreat: New waterfall area in my Jibe world

I spent some time today putting together a new waterfall area in my Jibe world. It’s full of ambient sounds and dynamic shadows.  A very peaceful place. You can visit it by going to my Jibe world and clicking on … Continue reading

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Online Presentation at Agile Worlds 2012

I’ll be giving a presentation today (Wednesday October 3rd) at 8pm Eastern as part of the Agile Worlds 2012 Online Conference. My topic will be “Integrated Reality and Next Generation Virtual Worlds.” Here’s detailed info on my session. Please feel … Continue reading

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