Encore! Another Live Opera on FrancoGrid on Jan 6th – The Marriage of Figaro

The folks on FrancoGrid are hosting another live opera.

It’s happening Thursday, January 6 @ 8pm French Time (11am SLT/2pm Eastern).  Our Hypergrid Adventurers Club attended the previous opera, which was simply brilliant.

I’ll be leaving from the region Pathlandia on jokaydiaGRID at 7:30pm French Time (I want to arrive early)  if folks would like a hypergrid guide to the performance.  We can make the jumps from jokaydiaGRID to FrancoGrid together.

@Hugobiwan has created a poll to see how many folks will be attending the opera in Second Life versus Opensim.  If you plan on attending the opera, please fill out this poll.  That will help them a lot in their organizing and server setup.  Thanks!

À Bientôt!

-John “Pathfinder” Lester

UPDATE Jan 8, 2011: Some nice coverage of the opera in the French press. See these articles on France24 and leParisien, and video coverage by a French TV station.

About John Lester (Pathfinder)

John Lester is an expert in Multiuser 3D Virtual Worlds, Immersive Learning, Knowledge Management and Community Development. His background is in neuroscience research and medical education, and he previously worked at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital and Linden Lab. John is currently the Chief Learning Officer at ReactionGrid Inc., helping clients develop new systems for immersive learning using web and mobile-based virtual world platforms. For more contact info please see http://about.me/pathfinder
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6 Responses to Encore! Another Live Opera on FrancoGrid on Jan 6th – The Marriage of Figaro

  1. angemenges says:

    Thanks, John :-) And dear HGAC fellows please register here as soon as possible : http://www.doodle.com/8hbpe5wzqtrdfwnw Not necessary for coming, but I like the idea to show that on opensim with hypergrid we will be more numerous than on second life , just like we were at the previous opera . I know, I know, petty, lol.

  2. We just can say two things :

    – Have a great 2011 year
    – Thank you a lot !

    We are late and beginning the installation tomorrow at the opera and your help is very very appreciated. You are welcome !!

  3. angemenges says:

    Hypergrid travel for operabis from pathlandia :
    1) hypergrid.reactiongrid.com:9009:HG Gateway 1
    Use location 152/143/98 otherwise you will arrive underwater and have to fly

  4. fab says:

    They have couples au teleporter box in the Water , if you arrived in the water :-) see you tonight

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