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The Metaphor of Portals and how to create Instant Hypergates (aka “Blamgates”)

I’ve always loved the metaphor of portals. They are a powerful and evocative way to immersively interconnect virtual worlds. Thanks to some simple scripting, I’ve been creating new Hypergate portals to other grids on my island Pathlandia in jokaydiaGRID. Read … Continue reading

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Hypergrid Adventurers Club meet #2: Hypergrid updates, Visiting France, and Discovering Opera in Opensim

In this meeting we talked about exciting new updates to the Hypergrid, how HyperGates work, and visited a French grid in search of adventure. We also met a French researcher who informed us of very cool upcoming mixed-reality opera in … Continue reading

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Hypergrid Adventurers Club – Meeting #1

The Hypergrid Adventurers Club had its first meeting today. For more info about the club and how you can join us, please see our homepage. Onward to Adventure!

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Short Story: Part 1: Jetpack

Cubey Terra recently wrote a bittersweet short story called “The Oldbie.”  If you’ve ever used Second Life, you should read it. It inspired me.  So I’ve written a similar story.  A story about virtual worlds and the future. It’s called … Continue reading

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Introducing the Hypergrid Adventurers Club

I’ve decided to start something. It’s an open club for anyone interested in group explorations of virtual worlds on the Hypergrid and sharing their experiences with others. Want to join us?

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The Future of Virtual Worlds: No Fate but What We Make

In the movie Terminator 2, there is a memorable scene where Sarah Connor carves some words into a park bench. I think those words hold a special meaning for those of us interested in the future of virtual worlds like Second … Continue reading

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Need a great terrain for your Opensim on a USB key? Here’s where to find one and how to set it up.

Setting up Opensim on a USB key is a great experience.  Looking out with your avatar on a vast expanse of 4 regions is like peering at a huge blank canvas waiting for your imagination. A Tabula Rasa in the … Continue reading

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